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Good governance is fundamental and eGovernance is instrumental. eGovernance is a tool. No e-Governance tool can be successful without focusing attention to process reforms for good governance. Good governance dictates the design and shape of s e-tools for improving governance outcomes and processes. eGovernance can be an effective and efficient tool for good governance if and only if the process reforms have been carried out. Automating complicated government processes will create more problems than it can solve.  With process re-engineeering, effective implementation of e-Governance can take IT to the common man, helping the government to align services with the changing needs of both citizens and other stakeholders.

Commencement of Good Governance Day

Good Governance Day (Suśāsan Divas) was established in India in 2014, to be observed annually on 25-December, the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with a view towards fostering awareness of accountability in government.

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